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Studio A Engineering is an architectural design and advisory agency. SAE has expertise in designing the residential and commercial building projects as well as reconstructing the already built-establishments. SAE also provides consulting services and structural inspections. Our structural engineers have profuse experience in structural designs with concrete, steel, timber, and masonry.

Our works comprise a multitude of projects that include- manufacturing, office, apartments, retail & single family residences, educational, research & development, entertainment, institutional, healthcare, industrial, warehouse/distribution, etc. SAE accustoms distinct projects that vary from single-building element consultations to structural plans or designs of hefty building premises.

Although structural engineering is counted among the oldest type of engineering, which has reported its presence from the time when the first branch of the tree is lashed together to make the very first shelter. Right from that time to the period till now, structural plans focus on the framework, structural design whether the structure can withstand the pressure and stress of the atmosphere or not. At SAE we have a team of professional structural engineers which ensure that the structure remains in the best shape till the duration it brings in use.

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Our portfolio includes a wide range of building projects including office, research and development, manufacturing, industrial, educational, institutional, healthcare, warehouse/distribution, apartments, entertainment, retail, and single family residences. SAE is adequately staffed to accommodate projects ranging from single building component consultations to the design of large building structures.

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